About us

       The shenzhen sinic-tek limited company mainly focuses on the development, production, sales and value-added services of the software and hardware of the three-dimensional non-destructive optical software testing system in the electronic assembly industry and semiconductor manufacturing. Founded in 2010, the company is now a collection of more than ten senior visual hardware and software developers at home and abroad, and constantly launched to meet the market requirements of various types of three-dimensional solder paste testing equipment.The company entered the new three board market in November 2016,Securities code:839448.

       SINIC-TEK successfully launched China's first 3D SPI in 2010; after years of rapid development, SINIC-TEK has developed into a world-renowned brand of 3D SPI. SINIC-TEK has launched a full range of products, offline machine T2010a, T300, T400; on-line machine S8080, S8030, Hero, Ultra a number of series of single-track models, as well as FPC, LED, 1.2 meters and other industry-specific models.

       SINIC-TEK products are widely used in aviation, aerospace, automotive electronics, smart phones, tablets, household appliances, industrial control and LED and other industries, customers all over the world. With a complete product line, a wide range of customers, outstanding product performance, SINIC-TEK has won praise from many customers, the first sales volume in China for many years, has become a well-deserved Chinese 3D SPI leading brand.

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